Rep Weave Workshop - Greater Vancouver Weavers & Spinners Guild - April 2014
Marlene Voskamp
Fourteen weavers of the Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild posing for rep weave workshop group photo.
Greater Vancouver Weavers & Spinners Rep Weave Participants - April 25 -27, 2014.: Front row: Heather Gilbertson, Catherine Dumaine, Trudy Salt, Rosalie Neilson, Barbara Mitchell, Sandra Sandvik, Jeansen Co. Back row: Terry Villeneuve, Susan Heming, Marlene Voskamp, Rosie Kerschbaumer, Ariane Mather, Irene Weisner, Susan Irwin, Barbara Buchanan.
Three weavers showing their rep weave samplers.
Barbara Mitchell
Susan Heming
Three weavers showing their rep samplers in green & maroon, browns & blue, browns, blue and multi-colored stripe of red, yellow & green spread throughout the width.
Irene Weisner
Sandra Sandvik
Three weavers showing their rep weave samplers in pale green & brown, blues and greens, and one showing red and purple motifs.
Catherine Dumaine
Terry Villeneuve
Barbara Mitchell
Three different weavers showing rep weave samplers in shades of brown and gold.
Ariane Mather
Susan Irwin
Jeansen Co
Two weavers with their rep weave samplers, one in blue, violet and pink, and the other in red and purple.
Rosie Kerschbaumer
Trudy Salt
Twelve different close-ups of design motifs woven in warp rep.


Heather Gilbertson