Pat Eckerdt with her rep weave rug, showing the front side with wefts not trimmed.
Rep Weaver - Pat Eckerdt - Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland Oregon - Fall 2012-Winter 2013
Close-up of detail from rep weave rug woven by Pat Eckerdt.
Some members of the rep weave class admiring Pat's rug.
Pat Eckerdt with her rep weave rug, showing the reverse side.
Loom waste is less than 24 inches.
Pat weaving the final picks of her rep weave rug.
Pat Eckerdt poses with her rep weave runner.
Detail of rep weave runner.
Not wanting to waste an warp, Pat also wove a handbag.
Pat warped and threaded a loom in her studio to the same draft as the class rep weave project. She used sunshiney colors and added a four block border on either edge to make a wider runner.
Pat designed this rug for her kitchen, but after seeing the results, she's decided it belongs in the entryway.
Front side of rep weave rug
Reverse side of rep weave rug