Four of the weavers in the rep class with instructor Rosalie Neilson.
Rep Weave Class, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland Oregon - Fall 2012-Winter 2013
Click on individual weavers to see their final rep weave project.
Pat Eckerdt
Janet Bebb
Larry Minor
Mitzi Hallin
Rosalie Neilson
Comparing three different rep weave table runners woven with same draft, different treadlings.
Passerby's comment on the two projects which were side by side on looms.
Pat Eckerdt's runner sitll on loom.
Rep Weave runner of Ed Thomas. about to be cut off loom.
Rep weave runners cut off from the looms - photos by David Eckerdt
Pat Eckerdt working at her loom.
Mitzi Hallin examining her rep weave runner with Janet Bebb looking on.
Janet Bebb and Mitzi Hallin comparing rep weave runners.
Larry Minor admiring his first rep weave project.
Ed Thomas with rep weave runner.
Mitzi Hallin with her rep weave runner answering a question.
Larry Minor and Ed Thomas critiquing rep weave runners.
Ed Thomas pointing out design element in his rep weave runner.
Enterprising photographer David Eckerdt getting the right camera angle on Pat Eckerdt's rep weaving.

Rep Weaving was a 10 week course taught by Rosalie Neilson during the fall 2012 term at Oregon College of Art and Craft. The weavers used the same 8-shaft draft, selecting their own colorways and designing their own individual treadling plans. After eight weeks into the course, three weavers had completed their runners. The photos above show their results.

Detail from warp-faced rep weave with alternating float and plain weave blocks.
A second project using El Molino rayon floss was designed to be woven during the final two weeks, a 4-shaft rep weave where two blocks alternate between woven cells and floats. Click on the examples at left and below to see results from this project.
Fearless photographer David Eckerdt at work.
Ed Thomas project (not pictured above)