Mitzi Hallin's Hellebores rep weave wall hanging woven in Rosalie Neilson's class.
Rep Weaver - Mitzi Hallin - Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland Oregon - Fall 2012-Winter 2013
Mitzi Hallin with finished rep weave wall hanging.
Mitzi Hallin with minimal loom waste.
I started the weaving in winter of 2012 knowing at the end of winter, as Hellebores were blooming, so would my weaving.
Mitzi goes on to say that the colors in her wallhanging reminded her of the variety of color in the Hellebores. The long twisted fringe (which was loom waste) represent to her the roots of the Hellebore plants. She twisted each layer separately, so that the pattern colors are lying on top of the background colors
Twisted fringe with pattern and background colors separated
Fringe close-up
Cavandoli knot finish of rep weave wall hanging.
Pulling finshed project off loom, reverse side of rep weave wallhanging Hellebores.
Detail from Hellebores rep weave wall hanging.
Another motif from Hellebores rep weave wall hanging.
Differential shrinkage (cotton and wool) scarf detail.
Scarf close-up