Larry Minor posing with his rep weave series "Sunsets on the Gulf".
Rep Weaver - Larry Minor - Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland Oregon - Fall 2012-Winter 2013
Three wallhangings Sunsets on the Gulf displayed as a triptych.
Notice how little loom waste there was for this rep weave series.

Sunsets on the Gulf
The two larger wall hangings are on their way to my daughters who live in the Largo Florida area. In the weaving I tried to depict the wonderful blending of colors observed in the Gulf of Mexico during a Sunset or Sunrise. The family enjoyed many of these spectacular events from their mother's favorite beach while growing up. The smaller weaving will remain in my kitchen here in Oregon to brighten those cold, overcast, winter days.

Sunsets on the Gulf, woven vertically , will be displayed horizontally.
Sunset which will remain in Oregon.
Sunsets on the Gulf detail.