El Molino rayon floss project designed by Rosalie Neilson as a bag.
Rep Weave Class Project - Oregon College of Art and Craft - Float and Plain Weave Cells
Dichroic beads which will be attached to flap of Pat Eckerdt's bag.
Table Centerpiece
woven by Larry Minor
El Molino Rayon Floss Project
Plain Weave and Float Blocks alternate row by row in this 4-shaft project designed and woven by Rosalie Neilson
Janet Bebb's El Molino rayon floss evening bag.
Elegant Evening Bag
woven by Janet Bebb
Pat Eckerdt's El Molino rayon floss bag with dichroic beads on flap.
Evening Bag woven by Pat Eckerdt
with dichroic glass beads
The yarn, manufactured in Barcelona Spain, is no longer available. This project was a way of using up some of my yarn "stash".
El Molino rayon floss table centerpiece woven by Larry Minor.
Mitzi Hallin's El Molino rayon floss project
Table Centerpiece
woven by Mitzi Hallin
Detail of Mitzi Hallin's piece.
Detail of Janet Bebb's El Molino bag.
Detail of Pat Eckerdt's El Molino rayon floss bag.
Detail of Larry Minor's El Molino piece.
Detail of Rosalie Neilson's El Molino rayon floss project.