REP WEAVINGS - OP to Be Square
Orion's Plumage logo for weaving studio of Rosalie Neilson featuring a parrot whose name was Orion.
Warp taped in 3 inch sections to lease stick secured to back beam so it can be pulled up from the sectional beam over the castle of loom.
36" wide warp pulled up from sectional warp beam and draped over castle of loom.
Warp pulled up from sectional beam and draped over castle of loom, ready to be threaded.
Warp hanging from castle ready to be threaded.
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OP to be Square - Warping Process in Warp Rep
Documenting the Design and Weaving Process for a Reinterpretation of Laurie Herrick's "Circus Op"

The warping process took two and a half days (approximately fifteen hours) which included winding the spools for the sectional beam, threading the tension box, and turning the warp beam ten times for each one inch section to complete the 36" wide warp. There are 7-1/2 yards of 30 ends in each one inch section.

Five sections remain to be warped on this 36" project.
Five sections remaining
Industrial winding machine capable of winding two spools at a time from yarn cones.
One inch of warp travels from spool rack through tension box to loom cord, ready to be wound onto sectional warp beam.
Tension box with orange pattern and purple background ends alternating.
30 spools (15 spools orange pattern and 15 spools purple background) on spool rack.
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Winding Machine
Spool Rack with 30 spools (top row not visible), 15 orange pattern, 15 purple background
Tension box showing one inch of 3/2 cotton (sett 30 epi) ready to wind onto sectional warp beam.
From spool rack to warp beam
Full warp beam with left over cones and spool. Eight colors used in warp, four orange/red colorway, four black/purple colorway.
Half of a 36" wide warp taped to a lease stick which has been secured to the back beam of the loom.
36 sections of warp taped to lease stick which has been secured to the back beam of the loom.
36 sections warped. Four colors in pattern include reds and oranges. Four colors in background include black, dark blue, and purples. Second sectional beam wrapped in cloth to prevent dust.