Kumihimo Event – A Braid-In
Convergence 2010 Albuquerque
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Orion's Plumage logo, weaving studio of Rosalie Neilson
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Variations of 8-strand round  kumihimo braid know as Edo Yatsu Gumi, Rosalie Neilson
Rosalie Neilson, 16-strand Naiki Kumihimo Braid in Convergence 2010 Colors

Instructions for the NAIKI kumihimo braid with Convergence 2010 colors
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16 strand kumihimo braid interlaced at left in Naiki and at right in Kongo gumi.

Experiment in applying an 8-element binary layout from The Twenty Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi to a 16-element braid. Article appeared in Strands 2012, the journal of the Braid Society -- From Edo Yatsu Gumi to Kongo Lines.

Some of the designs from The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi
A coild of braids from the new book entitled Kongo Gumi A Cacophony of Spots - Coils - Zags - Lines
Kongo Gumi A Cacophony of Spots - Coils - Zags - Lines
Naiki and Kongo Gumi

Family Activity Day – Samurai Exhibit
Portland Art Museum
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Kumihimo Events
Young braider showing her efforts at Hishinui, the cross lacing stitch seen on bottom plate of Samurai armor. Young child showing her cross lacing sample at the Family Activity Day at the Portland Art Museum.
Completed Kongo Gumi braid made by a team of eight braiders. eight sets of hands hold onto the tails of a completed Kongo Gumi braid created with 16 elements.


Kumihimo braids Hira Kara Gumi designs in Coral Snake and Cheetah colors, Rosalie Neilson

Coral Snake and Cheetah - kumihimo design
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Kumihimo braid with core, Edo Yatsu Gumi, Rosalie Neilson

Kumihimo is a Japanese word for a braided cord: the verb kumu means to braid or to plait, and the noun himo is a cord.

Braided silk cords have enjoyed a long history in Japan. During the Samurai era, some styles of armor required 1000 yards of silk cord to lace together the bands of lacquered metal. In traditional dress, a braided cord (obijime) is used with the kimono and obi, assuring that the obi knot stays securely tied. Today, designers are highlighting the beauty of braided silk cords in contemporary jewelry.

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