Rodrick Owen, author of Braids: 250 from Japan, Peru and Beyond says:

""Your beautiful book is an impressive gathering of everything you need to know about 16-strand Spiral braid patterns. You have presented a life time puzzle for the braidermakers who will be wondering what colors to place in the white thread positions."

"Now, what would happen if I used................Hmmm".


Silk Standard by Rosalie Neilson

Kongo Gumi braids from page 51 of Kongo Gumi A Cacophony of Spots - Coils - Zags - Lines made with rayon mousetail.Six designs out of 1,157 possibilities for two-color designs in Kongo Gumi.

Book called Kongo Gumi A Cacophony of Spots-Coils=Zags-Lines

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Silk Standard by Rosalie Neilson
16-element Kongo Gumi braid of yellow and red mousetail.
I love books like this because I like having some of the work done for me. A wise teacher once told me that "we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time we do something." So to get a quick idea of what my braid will look like before I begin my own version is very satisfying. I also enjoyed reading about how she got her results.

Janis Saunders, Braidershand

I love playing with color order in braids but have never gotten serious about tracking the possible permutations in such a systematic way. Anyone wanting to learn more about braid design should have this book. These books are labors of love. 

Terry Flynn