Close-ups showing transitions between flowers and stems.
Kumihimo - Kongo Gumi Braid.
The knots of the green elements are just about to finish the braid interlacement.
Orion'Plumage logo -  black and white parrot
Close up detail showing the transition between red flowers and green stems.
Twelve samples showing red flowers on yellow background joined by green stems on yellow background.
Red elements about to finish the interlacement as green elements move into play.
Red loops and green loops which will be joined to make a longer braiding element.
Kongo Gumi Braid featuring twomotifs representing Flowers and Stems for the Spring Exchange of Complex Weavers 2014
Seven inch loops of red and green joined together to form longer loop
Seven inch loops of red and green joined together to form longer loops. Four pairs ready to be joined for one long braiding element.
56 inch long braiding element comprised of red and green loops.
Transition of red flowers with green stems.

Braid Design 8.89 = Flowers
Braid Design 8.92 = Stems
Designs from book written by Rosalie Neilson

Kongo Gumi A Cacophony of Spots – Coils – Zags - Lines


30 inch long strands of 5/2 cotton folded in half twice to form seven inch long loops comprised of four strands..
One braiding element 56" long comprised of alternating red and green loops.
Preparing to wind the sixteen braiding elements onto spools. Five yellow tama are wound with eleven remaining.
Red and Green looped elements.
Braiding elements ready to be wound onto tama.