Kumihimo - Kongo Gumi Braids.
First layout for 32-element obijime showing a purple square and a navy blue diamond against a green background.
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Two 8-spot braids are combined to form this design, Braids 8.51 and 8.62.

Point of interlacement of 32-element Kongo Gumi.
In the second version of the 32-element obijime, the diamonds are green with purple centers. There are also green flowers with purple centers on a blue background. The purple centers use two of the ten purple elements; the remaining eight purple elements form a diagonal line separating the green motifs. The two designs which were combined are the 8-spot Braid 8.62 and the 6-spot braid 6.217.
The diagram on the right shows the point of interlacment (POI) of the 32-element Kongō Gumi in the diagram above.
Other combinations of 16-element braids to form new 32-element designs in two and three colors..


These are diagrams of a 32-element Kongō Gumi braided on the marudai. Half-way through making the silk obijime, I wanted to change the design. The original layout appears above.The new braid's diagram is shown below with its four different starting layouts. Both of these diagrams show a combination of two different 16-element braids from the newly published book Kongō Gumi A Cacophony of Spots - Coils - Zags - Lines.
Starting layout for 32-element Kongo Gumi in green, purple and navy blue silk.
Color of Elements:
1-2=GG, 3-4=GP, 5-6 =GP, 7-8= GP, 9-10=GG,
11-12=GB, 13-14=BP,
15-16=BB, 17-18=GG,
19-20=PP, 21-22=BP,
23-24=PP, 25-25=GG,
27-28=BB, 29-30=BG,
G=green, P=purple, B=Blue

Second design in 32-element obijime showing a diagonal purple stripe superimposed on top of two green motifs - a diamond and a flower, each with purple centers.


The design at left is formed by combiningBraids 8.51 and 8.62 from Kongō Gumi A Cacophony of Spots - Coils - Zags - Lines.