Black El Molino rayon floss bag with red-orange and green stripes to coordinate with kongo gumi braid handles. complementing a pair of embroidered designer shoes
Black elements wound onto two spools with weight on two elements for tensioning
Black Edo Yatsu loop formed so that braid can continue in Kongo Gumi interlacement with  added colorful elements
Black Edo Yatsu loop joined so that colorful elements in core can continue braiding16-element Kongo Gumi.
Black braiding elements interlacing around a core of colorful elements which will be hidden inside.
Layout for 8-element Edo Yatsu Gumi around the core of colorful elements suspended on Kakudai rod.
Color Layout Four
Color Layout Three
Color Layout Four of Kongo Gumi Braid 7.109 where North elements are both orange and South elements are red and black.
Black designer shoes with embroidered orange and white flowers are the inspiration for the two different colored braids which will be used for a purse handle.
Colorful elements are removed from the braiding proces and wound around a rod while black elements start braiding Edo Yatsu Gumi interlacement around the core.
Colorful elements are isolated from the braiding interlacement and suspended on the Kakudai rod while the black elements braid around the core in the interlacement of 8-element Edo Yatsu.
Orion's Plumage logo - black and white parrot
Marudai sitting on base of Kakudai - set-up for making the core braid. The colored elements are held stationary with the pincers of the Kakudai stand while the black elements braid Edo Yatsu Gumi.
Marudai (round braiding stand) sitting on base of Kakudai (square braiding stand) - set up for a core braid.
Color Layout two from Braid 7.109 where North elements are red and black and South elements are both orange
Color Layout one for Kongo Gumi Braid 7.109 where North elements are black and orange and South elements are orange and red
Color Layout One
Four color Layouts for Braid 7.109 from
Kongo Gumi - A Cacophony of Spots - Coils - Zags - Lines
Color Layout Two
These shoes from a London designer were the inspiration for a new bag made from my yarn "stash" -- the no longer manufactured rayon called El Molino floss from Barcelona, Spain. I wove the bag on a 4-harness counter-balanced loom (Gallinger), and then braided the handle in the interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi and Kongo Gumi selecting designs from the two books I published. I used two different color layouts of the same design to complement the embroidery on the toe and the embroidery on the heel. I used warp waste for the length of the elements, and since the handle was short, I extended it with a secondary black braid which was sewn into the seam of the purse fabric.The process of braiding the black 8-element Edo Yatsu braid around the colorful elements is documented by the photos. The black elements were added into the braid to continue the 16-element Kongō Gumi interlacement. The four different color layouts or iterations of the braid are shown below before the braid returns to its original layout..
"Color Layout three for Kongo Gumi Braid 7.109 where North elements are orange and red and South elements are black and orange
El Molino Bag in Warp Rep Float Technique with Extended Braids
Extending Kongo Gumi braid by adding another core to the wrapped fringe of the braid
To extend the completed Kongo Gumi Braid, a core was sen to the wrapped fringe while black braiding elements were inserted into the finished braid.
Tapestry needle threaded with 8 black elements for insertion into Kongo Gumi braid.
Eight black el molino elements passed into core of kongo gumi braid for extending braid
Eight elements divided into four sections, ready to be wound onto weighted spools.
Marudai resting on kakudai with core held by pincers
Completed Kongo Gumi braids in shades of green and tones of reds, orange and yellow
Core extension held in place by pincers for continuation of braid in Yotsu Gumi
Core of Kongo Gumi tassel with a cord extension held in place by pincers of Kakudai. Braid extension continues with 4-element Yotsu Gumi layout below.