1. Core of braid comprised of two blue and two green rayon elements
2. Blue elements are lowered onto marudai in the left diagonal position
3. After two repeats blue elements lie under the yellow elements
4. Blue elements returned to the core for two more repeats of the braiding
5. Green elements are lowered onto marudai in the right diagonal position
6. After two repeats green elements lie under the yellow elements
The challenge for this Complex Weaver's Marudai Study Group was to make a braid over a core, and then show the core at intervals. I chose Edo Yatsu Gumi, the 8 strand hollow braid. I modified my kakudai stand by removing the square braiding stand, and placing the marudai on it. I could use the Kakudai arm to elevate and stabilize the core elements. I wound four spools with the core material consisting of two strands of heavy rayon. I used 100 gram spools for the core, and 150 gram spools for constructing the yellow braid. My counterweight was 630 grams.
Begin with two repeats of the yellow braid; lower blue elements to marudai; two repeats of yellow braid; return blue elements to core; two more repeats in yellow braid; lower green elements to marudai; two more repeats; return green elements to core. When laid on the diagonal, the core elements form spots on either side of the braid. If only one element at a time is taken from the core, spots form a wide spiral design along the braid.
Sample braid from the Complex Weaver's Marudai Study Group. Source of inspiration: Kumihimo by Aiko Sakai (Purple book).