One of four abstract flowers in the warp rep wallhanging series "Pansy Forth", designed and woven by Rosalie Neilson, Fiberworks-PCW graphic
Pansy Forths learn more
Portion of design featuring large blue square against a checkerboard background of ovals and circles, "Op to Be Square", designed and woven by Rosalie Neilson, Fiberworks-PCW
OP to Be Square - learn more
FLOW Rug - learn more
Books in the Kumihimo Series

Samurai Exhibit
"Silk Standard"

Kumihimo Braid-In
Kumihimo History

Rosalie Neilson Teaching Schedule Spring, Summer, Fall 2016

It's in the Warp: Color and Design in Rep Southern California Handweavers Guild SanFernando Valley Arts/Culture Center
Tarzana California
February 13-15, 2016
The Power of Block Design - AM program
February 13, 2016

Sacramento Weavers' & Spinners' Guild
Sacramento California
Kumihimo: From Defense to Decoration
Lecture - April 26, 2016
Kumihimo: Braiding on the Marudai
Workshop - April 27-28, 2016

Color & Design in Huck Lace Towels
Michigan League of Handweavers
Hope College, Holland Michigan
June 3-5, 2016

Inside Out and Loop the Loop - 16 element Braiding on the Marudai
Braids 2016 - Braid Society
Univ. of Puget Sound, Tacoma WA
July 24-25, 2016

Point Twill Rep on Eight Shafts
Devon Weavers Workshop
Totnes, Devon ENGLAND
September 3-5, 2016

Power of Block Design Workshop
Complex Weavers
London, England
September 8, 2016

It's in the Warp: Color & Design in Rep
Inland Empire Handweavers Guild
Redlands, CA
October 21-23, 2016 – Workshop
“Ripped” About Rep – Lecture
October 24, 2016

It's in the Warp: Color & Design in Rep
John C. Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, North Carolina
October 30 to November 5, 2016

Color & Design in Huck Lace Towels
Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati
March 2-4, 2017


Rep Weave Workshops - Click on galleries
The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi
kongo gumi a cacophony of spots coils zags lines
Newly published book showing layout diagrams for the definitive collection of 1,157 two-color designs for 16-element Kongo Gumi. The large format book with an embossed cover has 24 pages of text and 118 pages of braid diagrams. Read the Reviews.
Selection of motifs from rep weave workshop in Vancouver BC, April 2014.© ©
"Candy Corn" Motif
May Flowers 2014 Complex Weavers
The Thirty-Seven Interlacements of Hira Kara Gumi
Hira Kara Gumi braids
Black designer shoes with embroidered flowers with a matching woven bag with kumihimo handle in black, greens, orange, red and yellow. Embroidered black designer shoe inspired an evening bag woven from rayon floss with kumihimo braided hanging strap - black, red, orange, yellow, greens
Woven Label for Orion's Plumage featuring a parrot, weaving studio of Rosalie Neilson
Designs for 32-Element Obijime
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Weaving Home Page
Rep weaving in reds, orange, yellows and green which is the cover jacket for rep weaving video featuring Rosalie Neilson. Cover of DVD featuring rep weaving in oranges, yellows and greens.
Rosalie Neilson, Kumihimo Braiding Home Page
Rosalie Neilson, Hidden Element, Suzanna Terrill Art Gallery, Cincinnati OH, 2000
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Workshop, Ravenscar Spring Conference 2006, North Yorkshire, England
Rosalie Neilson, Hidden Element Exhibit, Rep Weaving, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Workshop, Orlando Weavers Guild, Florida
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Workshop, John C. Campbell Folk School, August 2008
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Workshop, Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild, Golden, CO

An Exaltation of Blocks ©

Graphic Design from forthcoming book, An Exaltation of Blocks written by Rosalie Neilson
CLICK Block Design at left for Neilson's Huck Lace Towels in Handwoven, May/June 2008 issue.
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Workshop, John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown N.C.
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Workshop, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Workshop, Boston Weavers Guild
Rosalie Neilson, Rep Workshop, Michigan League of Handweavers, Holland MI
Kumihimo Design Books Available
Snippets from nine rep weave runners in a rainbow of colors.



Orion's Plumage is the weaving studio of Rosalie Neilson in Milwaukie, Oregon where the possibilities of geometric design are explored in two fiber media:
Warp-faced Rep Weave and Kumihimo Braiding.

London designer shoe inspires a woven El Molino bag and a multi-colored Kongo Gumi braid handle.

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Rep Weaving Video
Read the Reviews. Order by clicking on photo above. See trailer on You Tube.
Kumihimo Kids
Masa's Spring Green Neckpiece
Convergence Braid


The Thirty-Seven Interlacement of Hira Kara Gumi is newly released after being out of print for four years. Retail price is $30. Use PayPal or Contact me.Rosalie Neilson

Hira Kara Gumi braids